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Register for a Free Quarantine Deck

With quarantine easing, we're changing up how our free quarantine decks work.

We've given out more than 1,700 free PDF copies of The Story Engine to families and educators since quarantine. We plan to keep this going. We want everyone to be safe and creative at home!

But soon we'll be switching to a new system that doesn't require us to manually process requests, which we've been falling behind on.

Here's the new plan, which we hope to have ready in early September.

A free demo for everyone--not just families and educators.

First, we're going to open the gates and make a 60-card demo available to anyone for free, educator or not. No waiting for us to process requests.

Lesson plans, blanks cards, and the card creator webapp will remain 100% free to anyone who wants to use them at any time.

Educators will have access to a printer-friendly version of the full 180-card deck.

Educators will still be able to access the full 180-card deck, but I'm going to make it a printer-friendly variant with 12 cards per page and simple white backgrounds to reduce ink usage and increase visibility.

All paying customers will also gain access to this variant.

Thanks for your support!

Thanks to everyone who has shared kind words about the deck or shared it with others.

Giving away these decks was possible because of the depth of support we have from our community.

Keep an eye on our social media for announcements in early September with links to where you can access the demo and educator PDF.

Until then, stay home, stay safe, and please remember to wear a mask when you're out in public!