Shipping starts Oct 26 and continues through to the end of November!


We apologize that the preorders are taking longer to fulfill than we originally planned. We onboarded logistics partners for multiple regions to make up for the lost time and ensure speedy, regionally specialized shipping with no bottlenecks.

We are pleased to announce that deck shipping begins Oct. 26 and will continue throughout November in 2 groups.

Group 1 = preorders that do not include The Story Engine Anthology. We will ship them as soon as decks arrive so that when anthologies arrive 2-4 weeks later, the shipping queue is clear.

Group 2 = preorders that do include the anthology. We will be standing by to fulfil these preorders as soon as anthologies arrive.

Here are the latest details for each fulfillment region.

United States + International

  • Fulfilled by Funagain Logistics from Indianapolis, IN.
  • Deck cargo ETA Oct 22 with Group 1 shipping to start Oct 26.
  • Book cargo ETA Nov 5-12 with Group 2 shipping to start Nov 8-15.


  • Fulfilled by Spiral Galaxy Games from Telford, England.*
  • Deck cargo ETA Oct 18 with Group 1 shipping to start Oct 27-30.
  • Book cargo ETA Nov 14 with Group 2 shipping to start Nov 25-30.


  • Fulfilled by Jason Anarchy Games from Dundas, Ontario.
  • Deck cargo ETA and Group 1 shipping Nov 1-8.
  • Book cargo ETA and Group 2 shipping Nov 12-24.

Australia/New Zealand

  • Fulfilled by Aetherworks from South Hurtsville, NSW.*
  • Deck and book cargo ETA Nov 3 with Group 1 and 2 shipping to start and finish in November.

For detailed reports on production and fulfillment, check out the Kickstarter updates.

You can also contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We're thrilled to to see decks arrive, and we're here to help.

*Our cut-off for preorders with guaranteed UK/EU/Aus/NZ-friendly shipping was Aug 1. Orders placed by then are guaranteed not have import duty due. For orders placed after Aug 1, we will aim to ship from excess local stock if possible, but we cannot promise customs-friendly shipping. Late orders may have to be fulfilled by Funagain Logistics from the US and may be subject to import.

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