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Lesson Activity #1: "What's in a Story?" - The Story Engine Deck of Writing Prompts

Lesson Activity #1: "What's in a Story?"

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Objective: Introduce participants to the elements of a story through brainstorming, aligning to a quote by an author, and connecting it to The Story Engine cards. Participants will then use a prompt from The Story Engine to write creatively.

Course Connections: English Language Arts


Estimated time:

  • Lesson: 20 minutes
  • Writing: option 1 = 20 to 30 minutes; option 2 = 20 minutes
  • Reflection: 5 to 10 minutes

For at-home use: If you don’t have a dry erase board, use a blank piece of paper to help participants visualize the connections between the ingredients that make a good story, the quote from Douglas Glover, and The Story Engine cards.