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How do I use The Story Engine Deck?

Check out our tutorial page to learn how to create prompts using The Story Engine Deck! You might also enjoy this unboxing, review, and simple prompt demo from Master the Game.

How many cards are there?

Where can I find card sleeves for The Story Engine deck?

I reviewed 4 different compatible 80mm x 80mm square card sleeves and provided purchase links for multiple countries and regions of the world in this blog entry.

Is The Story Engine main deck box big enough to fit card sleeves?

Yes! The box for the main deck is big enough to fit all 180 cards + sleeves. 

Is The Story Engine main deck box big enough to fit all the expansions and boosters?

Not quite! Although each expansion and booster set comes in its own individual box, it was our goal for the main deck box to accommodate all 468 cards.

Unfortunately, the final design couldn't quite accommodate all that additional material.

The main box can fit the main deck + all 3 expansions + 3ish booster sets (out of 6).


    I want to design custom storage. How big are the cards?

    The cards are 3" x 3" (78 mm x 78 mm).

    A stack of 100 cards is 40mm tall.

    All 468 cards in the main deck + 3 expansions + 6 booster sets = 19.5cm unsleeved.

    If you want to allow room for the expansion/booster boxes as spacers, each box is a 79.5 mm x 79.5 mm square. The expansion boxes are 26.5 mm deep and the booster boxes are about 11.5 mm deep.

    Are there translations of The Story Engine?

    Yes! You can buy the print-at-home deck in Spanish!

    What does "Atlanta" mean as an Agent cue in the Written In Dragonfire Fantasy Expansion?

    The term "Atlanta" isn't a word, but it's a term that comes from EMBERWIND, the tabletop RPG that we paired up with for the artwork for the fantasy, mythology, and steampunk cards. It's the name of a hero class inspired by Greek/Roman/Scandanavian mythology.

    Because the deck doubles as an accessory for Storytellers in EMBERWIND, we wanted to include at least one instance of each of their hero classes, which is why it's the one confusing term in the expansion.

    You can learn more about the Atlanta on the EMBERWIND site.

    Do your prices include VAT?

    No. Any taxes due upon receipt of a parcel within the UK or EU will be the responsibility of the customer.

    Do you offer wholesale rates?

    Yes. Get in touch with us to ask about wholesale.

    If I write a story inspired by a prompt from the deck, or from your social media, do I own the rights to the story?

    Yes. Anything you create with prompts from the deck is your own!

    How fast do you ship and which carriers do you use?

    See here for the latest shipping info!